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Summer Tomato salad

Summer Tomato salad
Gesamt: 15minSchwierigkeit: Super EasyFrühstück & BrunchEuropäisch

For me summer is all about the magical tomato. In all of its forms but particularly the super yummy herlium tomatos and the cherry ones are from mid june till September an absolute treat!

This simple salad combines and takes a bit from different cultures to make its own thing by using a very italian recipe and adding some latin and even middle eastern touch by adding sumak ( it adds a perfect lemony touch and you an get it in any arabic supermarket.

You can do this salad year long but be aware that seasonality plays a big part in this recipe!

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  • Cherrytomaten
    500 g Cherrytomaten
  • Olivenöl
    50 ml Olivenöl
  • Fleur de Sel
    5 g Fleur de Sel
  • Basilikum, frisch
    5 g Basilikum, frisch
  • Koriander, frisch
    2 g Koriander, frisch
  • Chilischote
    1 Stk Chilischote


  • Schritt 1/4

    Start by cutting the tomatoes in irregular shapes. Yes, you heard this right. cut them in differente sizes and shapes this will make the salad have different textures and allow different tomato flavors to play in your mouth.

  • Schritt 2/4

    Slice your chilli and mix with the tomatoes gently on a board with salt and olive oil ( mixing on a board will crush the cherry tomatoes instead of keeping their juices inside)

    Try and adjust your seasoning to taste.

  • Schritt 3/4

    Plate gently on a ´semi deep plate and sprinkle the basil and koriander leaves around ( not mixing the leaves in allows you to make the salad prettier AND continue the game in your mouth as now different bites with have different flavors which will make the salad more interesting every bite)

  • Schritt 4/4


    Finish with a generous sprinkle of Sumak if you want to add touchof lemon(ish) vibes to your salad. From there onwards you just need to enjoy the start of your day, or lunch or dinner

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