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Simplified Ceviche al Coco

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Simplified Ceviche al Coco
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This is a simplified version of a Ceviche. I broke it down so you can easily try it at home.

It is crucial to chose fresh and good quality fish. If you buy fish from a local market, ask them to skin the fish and take out the bones. Keep the head and bones to make a very simple fish stock.

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  • Wolfsbarsch, im Ganzen
    2 kg Wolfsbarsch, im Ganzen
  • Limette
    15 Stk Limetten
  • Kokosmilch
    250 g Kokosmilch
  • Zwiebel, rot
    4 Stk Zwiebeln, rot
  • Staudensellerie
    1 Stk Staudensellerie
  • Koriander, frisch
    10 g Koriander, frisch
  • Zucker, braun
    50 g Zucker, braun
  • Oliven├Âl
    25 ml Oliven├Âl
  • Grapefruit
    2 Stk Grapefruits
  • Orange
    2 Stk Orangen
  • Dill, frisch
    10 g Dill, frisch



  • Schritt 1/6

    Start by making a light fish stock by putting the fishhead and bones in a pot, covering it with cold water with some sprigs of celery and roghly cut 1 red onion. Bring to a boil and let it rest. Remove foam.

  • Schritt 2/6

    Cut your fish in cubes (bite size), they should be thick enough so that you feel some bite. Season with salt. Do use the tail part or the stomach. Save this part for later use. Squeeze all the limes in a bowl and add the seasoned fish. Put a timer for 15 min so you don't overbrine the fish.

  • Schritt 3/6

    For the base of the leche de tigre: Once the stock is cold pass 200 ml of stock with 1 sprig of celery, half a red onion, half the koriander, and the remaining raw fish to strong blender. Blend for 2 min and then sieve.

  • Schritt 4/6

    To finish the leche de tigre, take the base from our previous step and mix it with the coconut milk, brown sugar, salt, chili and the lime juice that's been marinating the fish and salt. Don't add all the quantities right away, play a bit with the quantities and taste until you are happy.

  • Schritt 5/6

    For the toppings

    slice the red onion and put it in a bowl of ice water to get it crunchy and loose its intensity

    peal and take out small fillets from both the orange and the grape fruit and leave on the side till plating.

    Take out the leaves of the dill and put them in iced water aswell.

  • Schritt 6/6

    To plate, put your marinated fish in a small bowl (season with olive oil and salt if needed). Gently add laddle(s) of your leche de tigre on top. Add filets of oranges and grapefruits and on top some dill leaves and a couple of drizzle of olive oil, take a spoon and enjoy!

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