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Spicy sambal tofu bowl

Spicy sambal tofu bowl
Gesamt: 30minSchwierigkeit: EasyHauptspeisenAsiatisch

Sambal is a spicy chili paste often used in Southeast Asian cuisine. It is both spicy and acidic which makes it a wonderful base for a zingy sauce and many varieties found in Europe are vegan (though others may contain fish). This spicy sambal tofu is quick to prepare and goes well with rice and simple vegetables.

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  • Jasminreis
    150 g Jasminreis
  • Sojabohnen, TK
    50 g Sojabohnen, TK
  • Gurke
    1 Stk Gurke
  • Tofu, natur
    200 g Tofu, natur
  • Maisstärke
    2 EL Maisstärke
  • Öl zum Anbraten
    2 EL Öl zum Anbraten
  • Frühlingszwiebel
    2 Stk Frühlingszwiebeln
  • Knoblauchzehe
    2 Stk Knoblauchzehen
  • 2 TL Sambal Oelek
  • Sojasauce
    2 TL Sojasauce
  • Sesamöl
    2 TL Sesamöl
  • Wasser
    2 EL Wasser
  • Zucker
    1 TL Zucker
  • Sesam
    1 TL Sesam


  • Schritt 1/7

    Cook the rice and the edamame according to package instructions.

  • Schritt 2/7

    Cut the tofu into bite-sized cubes and coat in a dusting of cornstarch on every side. Heat neutral oil on medium heat and add tofu. Cook and flip until the tofu is golden and crispy on all sides.

  • Schritt 3/7

    Cut cucumber into slices and set aside. Separate the whites of the green onions and finely chop them along with the garlic.

  • Schritt 4/7

    Remove tofu from the pan when crispy and golden. Add the chopped spring onions and garlic to the same pan, adding more oil if necessary, and fry on low heat until fragrant.

  • Schritt 5/7

    In a small bowl combine the sambal, soy sauce, sesame oil, water, and sugar. Mix well and add to the pan of spring onions and garlic and turn up the heat.

  • Schritt 6/7

    Keeping the heat on high, add the crispy tofu into the pan and toss until the tofu is fully coated and the sauce has fully reduced. Turn off the heat.

  • Schritt 7/7

    Plate the tofu, cucumber slices, and edamame on top of the cooked rice. Garnish with sesame seeds and the leftover spring onion greens. Serve.

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