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Blueberry rhubarb chia jam

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Blueberry rhubarb chia jam
Gesamt: 20minAktiv: 15minSchwierigkeit: Super EasyFr├╝hst├╝ck & BrunchAmerikanisch

I love the decadence of a jam thickly spread on toast but I don't get through a whole jam fast enough to warrant storing multiple jars worth so chia jam has been my recent favorite way to use up fruit and turn out a small serving of jam. The addition of chia seeds are a quick way to coagulate the compote base without the use of pectin meaning jam can be ready in under 15 minutes, and that you can play with whatever fruit (even frozen!) you have on hand. This recipe features blueberries and seasonal rhubarb but once you understand the technique you can create any flavor pairing.

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  • Rhabarber
    50 g Rhabarber
  • Wasser
    40 g Wasser
  • Zitronensaft
    1 TL Zitronensaft
  • Zucker
    50 g Zucker
  • Heidelbeeren
    100 g Heidelbeeren
  • Chiasamen
    2 EL Chiasamen


  • Schritt 1/5

    Wash and chop the rhubarb to your preferred size. I chopped my rhubarb into `~1cm slices but go bigger if you prefer a chunkier jam.

  • Schritt 2/5

    Add chopped rhubarb, sugar, lemon juice, and water to a sauce pan on medium-low heat. Cover, stirring occasionally, until the rhubarb has softened and the sugar has totally dissolved. The remaining water will be a light shade of pink at this point.

  • Schritt 3/5

    Add the blueberries to the pot and stir. The blueberries will eventually burst but you can help it along by pressing open the blueberries using a spoon. Stir until nearly all the blueberries have burst and the color of the compote is now a deep purple.

  • Schritt 4/5

    Stir in the chia seeds on low heat. The chia seeds absorb water and expand which gives us the jam texture we are looking for. Stir for 2 minutes and transfer to a dish or jar. The texture will thicken as the mixture cools.

  • Schritt 5/5

    Once thickened, serve your jam. I had here it as a grown up version of the American PB&J, but I can imagine it on a simple buttered toast or swirled through a cake. Since this jam has no preservatives, store sealed in the fridge and consume within 2 days.



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