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Vegane Heidelbeer-Joghurt-Haferflocken Pancakes

Vegane Heidelbeer-Joghurt-Haferflocken Pancakes

Team Happy Plates

Gesamt: 10minSchwierigkeit: Super EasyFrühstück & Brunch

Fluffy vegan pancakes :-)


  • Haferflocken, Feinblatt
    250 g Haferflocken, Feinblatt
  • Backpulver
    1 TL Backpulver
  • Zimt, gemahlen
    0,2 TL Zimt, gemahlen
  • Mandeldrink
    100 g Mandeldrink
  • Joghurt, vegan, ungesüßt
    1,5 EL Joghurt, vegan, ungesüßt
  • Heidelbeeren
    30 g Heidelbeeren
  • Kokosöl
    1 EL Kokosöl


  • Standmixer


  • 01 / 04

    Mix all the dry ingredients together in a mixer.

    (So everything other then the yogurt, almond milk and blueberries)

  • 02 / 04

    When everything is mixed well and the oats became into a flour texture add the yogurt, almond milk and blueberries and mix it with a spoon this time and not with the blender anymore!

  • 03 / 04

    Add one table spoon of coconut oil into a frying pan and pour the mixture into the pan in any shape you like.

  • 04 / 04

    Fry from each side until golden brown and serve with fruits/sirup.

    (I served it with pomegranates, coconut flakes and homemade vegan nutella)

    Enjoy :-)

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